shiraz the city of roses and poets

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Is house work degrading?
This is question in many families still leads to severe quarrels and there are still many couples who don’t have agreement on this matter. They are concerned with their attitudes toward each other while this problem would be easily solved. Doing works in the house is not that much important to make family members fight with each other, so it is better to find a solution for that.
When two couples get married they accept many responsibilities. In fact they get married to have a better life and that can be possible with sharing works and caring about their duties. It is unjust to make one of the couples do all the house work while the other one devotes all the time to amusement. Happy life depends on sharing everything together and it is inevitable that house work should be divided too.
It is very sad to see a woman doing all the house work alone while her husband is watching TV. She would get tired very soon and there would be a very large distance between the couples. The problem is that they think that house work is degrading but is it really so?
In Iranian families it is often women who spend most of their time dealing with house work while most of the men spend their time working outside the house. Most of the men think that house work is degrading and they refuse to do it. So women have to do all the house work from morning to night and that is very difficult. Home –that is a place for relaxing- becomes a place only to get her energy and make her tired. If men considered house work as one of their other duties, they would have had much more happy wives.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Mosleh al_Din Sa'adi Shirazi, also known as Sa'adi lived in Shiraz seven centuries ago. He traveled to many places and he could gain lots of experience. When he came back to Shiraz he started to write his two great books. One of them is called Boustan that is written in poetry and the other one is called Golestan which is in poetry and verse. What he has written in these two books are mostly stories that have many teaching points in them. Morality and humanity are two important concepts in his works. What he gained in 40 years of traveling can be found in these two books.
Boustan and Golestan of Sa'adi are great works of Persian literature and there are lots of people who are very interested in them. These two works of art are translated to other languages like English, Russian, etc.
Sa'adi's tomb is located in the north-east of Shiraz in a very beautiful garden with lots of trees and flowers. You can see sour orange trees around the garden that are very sweet smelling in spring. Also there are many beautiful flowers that make this garden really unique and wonderful. There is a very big pond of water in the garden with a lot of fish playing in it. Pretty fountains really amuse the people who visit this place.
People drop some coins in that pond for there is a nice idea behind this action. They think that if they wish for something and drop a coin in the pond, they would reach to their wishes. Sa'adi and his ideas attract a lot of people to his tomb. There is a lot to gain if you come to Shiraz and I'm sure you would enjoy it.

Here is a nice and famouse poem by Sa'adi:

Of one Essence is the human race,

Thusly has Creation put the Base;

One Limb impacted is sufficient,

For all Others to feel the Mace.

Friday, May 05, 2006

CHINA the Country I Like to Visit
China is one of the Asian countries that I am very interested to visit. This country has a great wall that was made many years ago. People in this country have special food and clothes. They are also very proud of their ancient civilization and what their ancestors have done in this region.
One of the greatest wishes of mine is to visit the great wall of China. In my childhood I dreamed of riding bicycle on China wall in the sweet smelly spring days. All the pictures that I had in mind from China were the beautiful spring pictures that I mostly saw in Chinese films. Now that I'm twenty years old, I still have my childhood dreams.
Like any other country, China has special food. Unfortunately I have not eaten Chinese food but my friends talk of it with pleasure. Also Chinese custom, as it is shown in their films, makes me very interested to visit this country.
Chinese toys are very popular especially among children because China exports different kinds of toys to many countries. I like to go to this country and bye as many toys as I can.
If I go to China one day, I might find many other beauties in this country. I keep my dream in my mind until the day I visit this ancient country.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Garden of Paradise (Bagh-e-Eram)

At a distance of less than kilometer to the north-west of Shiraz, on the north side of the dry river bed, which is reckoned the natural northern boundary of the city there is s spacious garden, called the Bagh-e-Eram, with many cypresses, and a magnificent building, and a hall decorated with mirrored facets, and a fine stoneedged tank. This is one of the most celebrated gardens of Shiraz, and dates from the reign of Nasero'd-din Shah Qajar. Among the cypresses in that garden there is one very tall and symmetrical cypress tree, which especially attracts attention. It is called (sarv-e-naz), signifying a cypress whose branches stretch out regularly in all directions, and there is no tree of its kind to compare with it anywhere else in the country of Iran.

As the first time that I experienced making a blog, I really enjoyed it. What I always thought of making a blog change during this experience. I always thought that making a blog needed a lot of information and that would take a lot of time.I was afraid of making mistake or facing defeat, so I kept it as a dream.
Essay writing class with Mrs. Marandi was a chance for me to create a web log. It was very interesting that I could put my ideas where every one could see them, so I started making it. The first idea that immerged to my mind was my city that always reminds me of my memories, Shiraz where I was born and where I belong to. This place has a lot of beauties that I'm afraid I can't put all of them in my web log. I want to show every one that this place worths visiting. After that I decided to put some writings in my blog that were written with all my heart. Also I'm going to write some essays about the subjects that were chosen by my teacher Mrs. Marandi and I'm still working on them. Now I'm in the middle of the process and I have a lot of ideas in my mind. I have a strong desire to continue working on this blog as long as I can. Also I should thank my teacher who really helped me and in deed it was her guidance that enabled me to show my ideas in this blog.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just when it seems like Old Man Winter will never let go of his grasp, spring flowers arrive. And with their bright, colorful and oh so welcome appearance, we're reminded that nature's more delicate side is on its way to delight us once again.

Open your wings in the sky of life

and let your mind realse

and let your soul swim in the river of life

and let your thoughts brighten your days

open the windows of your heart to see yourself

in the arms of God

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Imagine that you are the richest person in the world, so rich and powerful that everything is what you want. Imagine that you have whatever you need. You don't have to work to earn money. You have a fortune that is enough for all days of your life. After a while you feel that you need something. There is a deep hole inside you that you can't fill it. In this situation there is just one way to fill the hole and that's becoming poor.

Have you ever paid attention to duck's wings? This bird has very small wings that are not matched with it's body. It's wings are smaller than those of any other bird. But this bird is very proud of it's wings and fairly cleans them.
It is very good to be like a duck. To appreciate whatever we have. Ducks never say that they have small wings but they say that they have a big beak. They never say that they can't fly but they say that they have strong legs. Like ducks we should know that we have the best things. In this way we can swim in life's river more happily.

If there was only 24 hours left for the people to be alive, all the telephone lines would be busy. Every one would be in hurry to relieve the words which has never relieved. They would say: "I'm sorry", "Please forgive me", "I love you "and "Take care of yourself". But the most shaking sentence would be :"I have always loved you but I didn't tell you!"

Hafez is one of the greatest poets in the world. He lived seven centuries ago and wrote very nice poems based on Gnosticism. There are so many people who love his poems and read them by heart. In almost all of the houses in Iran you can find a Hafez book. People respect him a lot because his poems are based on Quran-the holy book of Moslems brought by Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This beautiful religious building is the shrine of Ahmad_ebne Mousa called "SHAH E CHERAGH".I call it the great respect because people really believe in him.